Murder & Manslaughter

Murder and Manslaughter Charges

Ventura, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer

There is no crime treated more seriously than the taking of another person's life and there are no punishments more severe than for those who are found guilty of taking a life. These cases are very complex and you need an experienced Ventura criminal lawyer by your side to safeguard your rights. When a life has been lost, the police and prosecution zealously pursue an arrest and conviction. Being accused of murder or manslaughter is a difficult ordeal that can impact you and your family for the rest of your lives.

The Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

Murder and manslaughter cases are the most emotionally charged cases we see in our courtrooms. Being charged with murder means that you have been alleged to have carried out a plan, or premeditated, to take the life of another human being. A manslaughter charge is filed when you have taken someone's life but did so without premeditation or did so accidentally. Premeditation or intent is the main factor here. If a guilty conviction is faced, it can truly be the end of a suspect’s life. It may lead to years behind bars, including up to a life sentencing. California is also a state that carries out capital punishment and some suspects may need the best defense they can get to protect their future.

Murder Charges in Santa Barbara

My firm appreciates that people make mistakes or are wrongly accused and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. I believe in your constitutional rights and I will tenaciously protect you and your rights when you are facing the consequences of being charged with a violent crime. When you contact my firm, I will begin a complete evaluation of your case carefully examining the evidence against you. I will interview the arresting officers as well as any witnesses. My firm has access to experts and resources and we will use all of those resources to determine the best possible course of criminal defense action for you.