Criminal Defense Lawyer for Ventura

About Restraining Orders in California

Restraining orders are issued in a variety of situations, many of them involving domestic disputes. No matter the type of restraining order issued, they have the potential to cause serious difficulty in the life of the person whom the order is directed towards. I am an experienced Ventura criminal defense lawyer who is available to provide help to those who have been issued restraining orders. Having represented many individuals in such cases in the past, I understand the confusion and turmoil that can be caused following a restraining order being given. Contact my offices if you feel you have been issued a restraining order in error, and I will fight on your behalf in an effort to get the order dropped and your freedom restored.

Restraining orders are usually given for one purpose; to protect an individual from further harm or harassment on the part of another. They can be issued following an instance of assault and battery, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, abuse or other criminal act. A person who has had a restraining order issued against them may be required to keep a certain distance from the victim, or even be made to leave their home. A attorney skilled in criminal defense is available to advise those who have been given restraining orders, and assist them in seeking a positive resolution to their legal situation.

Violations of Restraining Orders

Having a restraining order issued against you is a serious matter. Violating the order in any way can result in serious penalties, including probation, or even possible jail time. It is imperative that you retain the help of an attorney if you have been given such an order, as they will be able to inform you as to what to do and what not do, and possibly secure a lifting of the order that will allow you to resume living a normal life.